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10 Rowdy Ravens.png

Ten Rowdy Ravens

Written by Susan Ewing

Art by Evon Zerbetz

Alaska Northwest Books, 2005


Naughty and lovable, ten rambunctious ravens set out for adventure and find all kinds of fun and mischief. In this fun, rhyming countdown, the birds gobble chop suey, slide a slippery slope, picnic in a pickup truck, and enjoy other hijinks until only one is left. And then? The leader calls for all his friends to come back and start the game again! The last few pages of the book feature stories of remarkable raven behavior in “The Daily Kaw, True News from Around the Raven World.” Be sure to check out the “Corvid Classifieds,” and don’t miss the recipe for Salmon Kroak-ettes.

"Ten Rowdy Ravens is an extraordinary combination of writer and artist, both of whom have a deep sense of what ravens are all about.

The great vitality—and for all ages—the book distills moments of marvelous raven behavior, performance, and intelligence.”

—Tony Angell, author of Ravens, Crows, Magpies, and Jays

"An imaginative romp about our favorite trickster."
–Bernd Heinrich, author of Mind of the Raven and Ravens in Winter
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