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A curious mind is a beautiful thing.

Explore the resources on this page to dive deeper into birds, books, and more.

Picture Book Guides

Book Guides
Alaska is for the Birds

Language arts and bird-centered activities, and a fun art project.

10 Rowdy Ravens.png

Word play, quizzes, writing fun, and cooking and craft projects.

Lucky Hares.jpg

Create animal portraits and trading cards, and work like an illustrator. 

Bird Resources

Alaska’s Birds: A Guide for Youth Groups

Identification, Biology, and Conservation

Alaskas Birds

Check the table of contents on this comprehensive reference and dive into whatever interests you. You’ll learn how to attract birds, discover the answer to “what is a bird?,” and find information on a range of species from Loons to Warblers.

Alaska's Birds: A Guide for Youth Groups

Wings Over Alaska 

A Certificate Program for Alaska Birders

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game developed their “Wings Over Alaska” program to encourage beginning birders and challenge more experienced birders to take their skills to the next level. Certificates are awarded for identifying 50, 125, 200, and 275 species. 

Wings Over Alaska
Finding Alaska's Birds
Join communities across Alaska as they celebrate their avian citizens, from spring’s returning shorebirds to winter’s council of eagles. 

BirdNote produces fun, informative, sound-rich podcasts about birds.

BirdNote in the Classroom
Resurrecting the Shark

Resources for Resurrecting the Shark

The short productions cover all kinds of topics, from beaks to behavior, and communication to conservation. See how parents, teachers, and community organizations have used BirdNote to help kids K-12 learn about birds. 

A chapter-by-chapter resource guide provides additional illustrations and background information on the topics at the heart of each chapter of the book.

RTS Whorl-O-teeth drawing.tif

Writing & Art Resources 

Writing & Art

Have you ever wondered how a picture book is created?

Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 3.17.23 PM.png

A Traveling Exhibit from the Alaska State Libraries, Archives, & Museums

In this exhibit booklet, four Alaskan artists share their process and approach to illustrating children’s books. One of the featured artists is Evon Zerbetz, who illustrated Ten Rowdy Ravens, Lucky Hares & Itchy Bears, and Alaska is for the Birds.

Feathered Friends
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