Alaska is for the Birds

Alaska Is For The Birds! (coming June 7)

Written by Susan Ewing

Art by Evon Zerbetz

Alaska Northwest Books, 2022


Playfully told in quick, witty verses and illustrated with gorgeously colored linocut art, Alaska is for the Birds! features 14 feathered friends found across Alaska. 


Willow Ptarmigan, Belted Kingfisher, Tufted Puffin, Bald Eagle—these are only a few of the incredible birds found in the wilds of Alaska. Explore the forest tops and open sea as you learn about residents like the Great Horned Owl, migrants like the Arctic Tern, and everything in between—from seabirds, shorebirds, and wading birds to songbirds, upland birds, and raptors. Included at the back of the book is a glossary, plus more information about each of the birds mentioned.


“Alaska Northwest Books wings into spring with Alaska Is for the Birds

by Susan Ewing, illus. by Evon Zerbetz, serving up nature poems

and linocut art showcasing 14 birds found across this state."
—Publishers Weekly, Spring 2022 Children’s Sneak Previews

Doing anything with Evon is fun—hiking, cooking, dancing—but working with this accomplished, generous artist to create a book is pure joy. An editor introduced us to each other in 1993, and we have been creative partners and fast friends ever since. Alaska is For The Birds is our third book together. We’ve been wanting to do this project for a very long time—for the birds, and for the deep delight in our collaborative process. Here, at last, we are. –S.E.

The Joy of Collaboration
AFB Page Susan and Evon on Deer Mtn.jpeg

Susan and Evon relishing some in-person time together in Ketchikan, AK, hiking on Deer Mountain after the 2005 launch party for Ten Rowdy Ravens.