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Winner of "Outstanding from a Learning Perspective" Award from Parent Council

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Lucky Hares and Itchy Bears
(and other Alaskan Animals)

Written by Susan Ewing | Art by Evon Zerbetz
Second Edition, Octopoda Press, 2012 

Originally published in 1996 and refreshed in 2012, Lucky Hares and Itchy Bears is a beloved, read-aloud favorite in animal-loving households. Zerbetz’s linocuts are vivacious and colorful, pulling in even reluctant readers. And each of Ewing’s illustrated poems present a fun fact of natural history in a kid-pleasing character sketch that amuses as well as informs. The lively book will spark a child’s imagination with new words and concepts about the north country’s iconic as well as often overlooked creatures—from bears, wolves, and whales to octopuses, frogs, and flying squirrels.

"A pleasure for both children and adults."
–Woodstock (NY) Times

Enjoy art-centered activities developed by the book’s artist, Evon Zerbetz. Study the nature of animals, work like an illustrator, and make animal trading cards.

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