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Resurrecting the Shark

Resurrecting the Shark

"Ewing blows the dust off dry scientific reportage with her lively style and wit. Her book should have broad appeal to a wide range of readers—sharks, of course, are a cultural phenomenon, and paleo sharks only double the fun." –Robert Eagan, Library Journal

“Long before nature writer Susan Ewing mentions Indiana Jones in Resurrecting the Shark, readers are ensnared in a quest for a 270 million-year-old fish fossil that feels like riding shotgun with Indy. Meticulously researched and spanning numerous disciplines, along with a ‘rockin' lot’ of evolution, Resurrecting the Shark is the compelling saga of how an ancient ocean oddity became a global passion project.” –Shelf Awareness


10 Rowdy Ravens.png

Ten Rowdy Ravens
“In Ten Rowdy Ravens, one feels the mischievous nature of the raven in Zerbetz’s colorful illustrations and enters the raven’s world through Ewing’s clear and engaging prose. The ‘Daily Kaw’ is sure to garner a wide circulation with its ‘tongue-in-beak’ descriptions of true raven reports.” –John Marzluff, Professor of Wildlife Science, University of Washington and coauthor of Gifts of the Crow: How Perception, Emotion, and Thought Allow Smart Birds to Behave Like Humans


“A treasure. . . combines mischief and laughter with accurate information.” –Candace Savage, author of Bird Brains and Crows: Encounters with the Wise Guys of the Avian World

Lucky Hares.jpg

Lucky Hares and Itchy Bears

“What a fortunate pairing of author and artist—both Susan Ewing and Evon Zerbetz have a terrific sense of humor about Alaska wildlife. This book is just plain fun.” –Alaska Magazine

“Ewing homes in on kid-pleasing peculiarities [and] Zerbetz’s eye-grabbing illustrations raise the energy level with their dynamic lines and vibrant composition. Readers will probably remember these animals long after this book is read.” –Publisher’s Weekly  

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