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Ten Rowdy Ravens

Ten Rowdy Ravens

Bernd Heinrich, author of Mind of the Raven and Ravens in Winter, calls the book “an imaginative romp about our favorite trickster.” At the end of the countdown, readers find The Daily Kaw, which features corvid facts as well as real-life raven stories about the sometimes-too-smart and always imaginative bird.

The fun begins when ten rowdy ravens set out on a rembunctious fly-about. They play tricks, get into mischief, find themselves in sticky situations, and make general mayhem. Scenarios are fanciful, but rooted in ravenhood.

TEN rowdy ravens
Ready for a lark,
Nine race off while one remains
To holler "On your mark!"

NINE raucous ravens
Tip a pail of bait,
Scramble in to pick a prize,
Twist of fate, now eight.

EIGHT roguish ravens
Pilfer piles of loot,
Cheater swipes some pretty pearls,
Seven give pursuit. . . .