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Lucky Hares and Itchy Bears

Lucky Hares and Itchy Bears - illustrated children's book

“Accompanied by exuberant hand-colored linocuts, doggerel verse sings the eccentricities of each critter. Ewing homes in on kid-pleasing peculiarities. . . eye-grabbing illustrations raise the energy level with their dynamic lines and vibrant composition.”

—Publisher’s Weekly

Mosquito never had a chance
When dragonfly asked, Shall we dance?

She waltzed mosquito north and south,
He jitterbugged into her mouth.

Gotcha! grinned sly dragonfly,
Hovering lightly in the sky.

Then with a thrumm she sped away,
Who else would like to dance today?

Discovering the tracks of bear
Can bring on quite a little scare.

You hope you don’t—you hope you do—
See the bears ahead of you.

If you’re careful, if you wish,
You’ll find your brown bears eating fish.

Or scratching up against a tree,
Itching bear behinds with glee.

Oh my gosh, I’ve got to run,
Lynx is here to spoil the fun.

My feet are built to tread the snow
But so are hers, you ought to know.

Oh no, she’s gaining—a spurt of speed—
Am I to be her bunny feed?!

Zig, zag, dash—I’m past her,
Today my furry feet are faster!

I never ever want to lose
My lucky little running shoes.