What people are saying about Resurrecting the Shark

“A fascinating deep-dive into the life and times of Helicoprion, a whorl-toothed shark from the Paleozoic past. Susan Ewing applies liberal doses of humor and enthusiasm to spin a compelling tale that neatly blends history of science, visual art, and modern paleontological research to recreate this once-mysterious animal and its kin.” –Anthony J. Martin, author of The Evolution Underground

"Susan Ewing travels through 400 million years of fish evolution and 400 years of scientific research, writing with entertaining yet scientifically accurate prose which will entertain both laymen and scientists alike. She focuses not only on the technical details of the science, but also on the panorama of eccentric scientists, rock hunters, and artists who have fallen under the spell of this huge predator over the decades. She captures the excitement of scientific discovery when a few years ago a team of paleontologists, biologists, engineers, and artists finally solved the riddle of Helicoprion’s improbable tooth whorl, and how the creature went about its daily business devouring abundant cephalopods in Permian seas."
– John A. Musick, Past Co-chair IUCN Shark Specialist Group and author of The Shark Chronicles

"A rocking good detective story with geology, art, and sharks!"
—David R. Montgomery, author of Growing A Revolution and The Rocks Don’t Lie